The Brunanburh Series

The Brunanburh Series tells the story of the build up to, the battle of, and the aftermath of the greatest battle fought on British soil that many have never heard of before, not helped by the fact, that the actual location of the battle is much debated. But, while we don’t know for sure where it was fought, we do know who fought in it (just about).

King of Kings (book 1 in The Brunanburh Series)

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In the battle for power, there can be only one ruler.


Athelstan is the king of the English, uniting the petty kingdoms of Wessex, Mercia, the Danish-held Five Boroughs and York following the sudden death of his father, King Edward. 

His vision is to unite the realms of the Scots and the Welsh in a peace accord that will protect their borders from the marauding threat of the Norse Vikings.

Whilst seemingly craving peace and demanding loyalty with an imperium over every kingdom, Athelstan could dream of a much bigger prize.

But danger and betrayal surround his best intentions, namely from his overlooked stepbrother, Edwin, who conspires and vies for what he deems is his rightful place as England’s king. 

As ever, powerful men who wish to rule do not wish to be ruled, and Constantin of the Scots, Owain of Strathclyde, and Ealdred of Bamburgh plot their revenge against the upstart English king, using any means necessary.

An epic story of kingsmanship that will set in motion the pivotal, bloody Battle of Brunanburh where allies have to be chosen wisely…

Meet the Characters

Athelstan, the king of the English

Constantin, the king of the Scots

Hywel, the king of the West Welsh

Owain, king of Strathclyde

Ealdred, king of Bamburgh

Eadgifu, the lady of Wessex

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Kings of War, (book 2 in the Brunanburh series) available to preorder now (July 2023)

Can the King of the Scots and the Dublin Norse triumph against a united England?


King Athelstan of the English has been successful in uniting the many kingdoms of Britain against one enemy, the Viking raiders.

But men who are kings don’t wish to be ruled. 

Constantin, King of the Scots, rebelled against the Imperium and was forcibly brought to bend the knee to Athelstan and England at Cirencester.

His son Ildulb seeks bloody vengeance from Athelstan following the battle at Cait and the death of his son.

Olaf Gothfrithson, king of the Dublin Norse, having asserted his power following his father’s death has his sights set on reclaiming Jorvik. 

Can the united might of the Scots and the violence of the Dublin Norse, descendants of the infamous Viking raiders, bring King Athelstan and his vision of the united Saxon English to her knees?

An epic story of kingsmanship that will result in the pivotal, bloody Battle of Brunanburh, where only one side can be victorious.

Happy Release Day to King of Kings

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