Today, I’m taking part in blog tour for Warrior and Protector by Peter Gibbons #histfic #blogtour

Here’s the blurb:

The start of a brand NEW series – an unputdownable fast paced adventure, filled with unforgettable characters.

989 AD.

Alfred the Great’s dream of a united England has been forged by his daughter Aethelfaed and grandson, King Aethelstan.

The Vikings have been expelled from York following the death of Erik Bloodaxe, and for two generations there has been peace between Saxon and Dane.

A new Viking warlord Olaf Tryggvason seeks revenge for Bloodaxe’s death and the slaughter that followed, and has set his sights on a fresh assault on England’s shores. With Skarde Wartooth they set sail for Saxon lands, hungry for glory, conquest and vengeance.

Beornoth, a brutal and battle-hardened Saxon Thegn, is called to arms to fight and protect the Saxon people from the savage Norse invaders. On a personal crusade, he joins the army of Byrthnoth, Lord of the east Saxons in a desperate fight against the bloodthirsty Vikings.

Beornoth must lay his own demons to bed, survive vicious attacks and find redemption for his tragic past.

If you like Bernard Cornwell, Simon Scarrow, Conn Iggulden, and David Gemmell you will love this epic Saxon adventure packed with battles, Vikings, and adventure. 

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My Review

Warrior and Protector takes the reader to England in the late 980s.

While England may have been largely peaceful and free from attacks from the Viking raiders for the last thirty years, Beornoth, once a respected thegn, is tormented by his own failings as a husband, warrior and father. Only the return of his despised enemy can rouse him from his drunken stupor. And luckily for Beornoth, but not for the English, the Viking raiders are about to make an unwelcome return to the eastern shores of England. Beornoth is forced to face his enemy and his past and, in the process, make a few new enemies as well.

This tale of England in the 980s resounds with the fierceness of battle-hardened men, both the English and the Viking raiders, and the concluding battle is portrayed in fierce and bloody detail.

I’m looking forward to following this series that will take readers to one of the best-known battles in Saxon England.

Meet the Author

Peter Gibbons is a financial advisor and author of the highly acclaimed Viking Blood and Blade trilogy. He comes to Boldwood with his new Saxon Warrior series, set around the 900 AD Viking invasion during the reign of King Athelred the Unready. The first title of the new series, Warrior and Protector, will be published in October 2022. He originates from Liverpool and now lives with his family in County Kildare.

Connect with Peter

Facebook: Peter Gibbons Author – Home | Facebook

Twitter: Peter Gibbons Author (@AuthorGibbons) / Twitter

Instagram: Peter Gibbons Author (@petermgibbons) • Instagram photos and videos

Bookbub profile: Peter Gibbons Books – BookBub

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