Cragside – A 1930s murder mystery

Cragside, A 1930s murder mystery is now available in ebook, paperback, hardback and audiobook. Check out the fabulous audiobook sample below.

Cragside – A 1930s murder mystery audio sample

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Cragside in photos – again (this might take a while to load)

Blog Tour

Cragside – A 1930s murder mystery went on audiobook tour with Lovebookstours from 16th-24th May 2022

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I’ll be uploading links on the days of the tour, and would like to thank all the hosts and Kelly Lacey for organising the tour.

Here’s the blurb:


Lady Merryweather has had a shocking year. Apprehended for the murder of her husband the year before, and only recently released, she hopes a trip away from London will allow her to grieve. The isolated, but much loved, Cragside Estate in North Northumberland, home of her friends, Lord and Lady Bradbury, holds special memories for her.

But, no sooner has she arrived than the body of one of the guests is found on the estate, and suspicion immediately turns on her. Perhaps, there are no friendships to be found here, after all.

Released, due to a lack of evidence, Lady Ella returns to Cragside only to discover a second murder has taken place in her absence, and one she can’t possibly have committed.

Quickly realising that these new murders must be related to that of her beloved husband, Lady Merryweather sets out to solve the crime, once and for all. But there are many who don’t want her to succeed, and as the number of murder victims increases, the possibility that she might well be the next victim, can’t be ignored.

Journey to the 1930s Cragside Estate, to a period house-party where no one is truly safe, and the estate is just as deadly as the people.

You can purchase the audiobook via the following link.

Phew. I think I’ve caught everyone. Once more, thank you to all the reviewers, and of course, to my wonderful narrator Gill Mills, who completely smashed the narration for Cragside. Thank you.

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