The Tales of Mercia

I write about the Saxon kingdom of Mercia a lot! My first historical fiction project was The Earl of Mercia’s Father (which has been known by a few different names), and I continue to write stories where the focus is very much on Mercia. As such, and for the benefit of my readers who hopefully share my slight obsession, a little foray into what I’m calling ‘The Tales of Mercia.’ Please do check out the individual pages I’ve written for each series if one of them grabs your attention.

Gods and Kings Trilogy

Charting the tumultuous years of the middle seventh century, when Northumbria and Mercia were more often than not, at war. Featuring the mighty pagan king, Penda of Mercia. Gods and Kings.

The Eagle of Mercia Chronicles

Set in the 820s-830s, the Eagle of Mercia Chronicles focus on a young Icel (readers of The Mercian Ninth Century series will already have met him – but there is no need to have read the later books first), as the Mercian supremacy of the eighth century begins to fade with the aggressive Wessex to the south, and the true start of the first Viking Age on the horizon (don’t worry, dear readers, I have plans to write of Æthelbald and Offa when I have time).

The Mercian Ninth Century (The Last King books)

Set in the 870s, the Mercian Ninth Century, has King Coelwulf, Mercia’s last king, as its hero, as he attempts to defeat the pretensions of the Viking raiders howling on Mercia’s borders. Will he succeed? Will his men survive? Bloody, brutal, brilliant – and very, very sweary – a cleaner version is available in ebook from Amazon for those who might be offended by the very strong language.

The Lady of Mercia’s Daughter and A Conspiracy of Kings

Lady Æthelflæd of Mercia is dead. What will happen to her daughter, Lady Ælfwynn, in the immediate aftermath of her mother’s death, when she is the only woman known to have succeeded another woman as a ruler throughout the Saxon era. Set in the late 910’s. (also part of the Tenth Century series of powerful Saxon woman).

The Earls of Mercia series

Meet Ealdorman Leofwine, and his sons and grandsons, charting the final 100 years of Saxon England, as told through the eyes of the powerful earls of Mercia, beginning in the year, 991.

For those who might like to know my processes, I must inform you that I’m slowly working my way backwards in time. I started with The Earls of Mercia (which I’m still writing), then I wrote Gods and Kings, then The Lady of Mercia’s Daughter and A Conspiracy of Kings. And then, The Mercian Ninth Century and then The Eagle of Mercia Chronicles:)

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