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Here’s the blurb

Two kingdoms destined for war, one boy caught in the eye of the storm…

Francia AD853

After a failed Viking raid on the Frankish coast over 20-years-ago, Jarl Sven the Boar is forced to leave his only son, Torkel, as a hostage and warned never to raid Francia again or his son will die.

In Hügelburg, a small town in East Francia, Torkel and his 9-year-old son Charles are ambushed at home.

Before dying, Torkel thrusts a package into young Charles’s hands and tells him to flee Francia for Denmark in search of his grandfather Sven the Boar’s protection.

But the man Charles eventually finds is not who he expects, and Charles must put his fate in the hands of a man betrayed by Odin.

Together they must uncover the significance of the package and why the Kings of Francia want Charles dead.

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My Review

Odin’s Betrayal by Donovan Cook is a fabulous Norse tale of family, betrayal and the conflict between Christianity and the Norse Gods, played out between our two main characters, young Charles, born in Francia, and his grandfather, the disgraced Jarl Sven the Boar of Denmark.

The two characters of Charles and Sven are well portrayed – Charles, young and fearful; his grandfather, old and twisted by his failures and betrayals, with Thora acting as a sort of emissary between the pair of them who are from such different cultures. I thoroughly enjoyed the interplay between the two religions – something that often frustrates me – but which the author handles magnificently. And between the two generations. Charles and Sven, are both unable to truly understand the other. Charles is young and firm in his Christianity. Sven is old and believes he’s been tricked by his Norse Gods.

The secret Charles carries, and his father entrusted to him on his death is intriguing. We get little hints, and yes, we might work out what it all means, but that doesn’t matter because our characters don’t know, and their journey to discovery is well constructed.

There’s plenty of hand-to-hand fighting in this novel and no end of betrayals right up until the last page, as the ‘big reveals’ occur, and it makes for a thoroughly enjoyable, well-crafted Norse tale. I loved it:) I can’t wait for book 2.

Meet the Author

Donovan Cook is the author of the well-received Ormstunga Saga series which combines fast-paced narrative with meticulously researched history of the Viking world, and is inspired by his interest in Norse Mythology.  He lives in Lancashire and his first title in a new series for Boldwood will be published in Spring 2023. 

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