Happy Release Day to Steve Jones and his debut, Call Time. #fantasy #newrelease

Here’s the blurb

The enthralling debut novel from Channel 4 F1 presenter Steve Jones – it’s Sliding Doors meets High Fidelity

Bob Bloomfield is, in the words of his best friend’s wife, a ‘selfish, arrogant a*sehole’, who hasn’t spent a great deal of time making friends in his 49 years on earth.  

But what if he could change? What if Bob could stop the very thing that has made him the man he is, the death of his younger brother, Tom in 1986.

If he could save Tom, could he save himself? 

. . . And what if all it took was a phone call?

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My Review

Call Time by Steve Jones is an entertaining and engaging read. I admit, I was a bit, ‘Oh another celebrity novel,” but I do love Steve Jones as a presenter, and the premise was interesting, so I thought, ‘Why not.’ And I’m so pleased I did.

Our main character, Bob, is not a pleasant individual. His best friend’s wife is correct when she labels him an arsehole, and for much of the first 40% of the book, the reader only knows about Bob ‘the arsehole.’ We don’t really know what makes him tick other than being a bit of a dick. But then, something changes, and from then on, the book is fast-paced and somewhat of a rollercoaster.

I really enjoyed the cultural nods to films I might have watched from the 80s, and while some might argue that the pretext of some of the ripples from changing the past is a bit flimsy, this is a story of redemption in the most unusual of ways. I don’t want to give anything away, so it’s quite hard to explain all the bits I liked, but yes, this is a book for fans of time-altering novels, and I think the last 20% of the novel is unexpected, and all the more enjoyable for that.

A fun novel that contends with that age-old issue of, ‘Would you change the past if you could?’ And if you did change the past, how might that change your present?

My thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for my review copy.

Meet the Author

Steve Jones’ first job was in a petrol station. It was also the first job he was fired from for putting diesel in Dai-The-Milk’s petrol truck.
From there he gained employment in a printing factory before setting off for distant shores to “find himself”. He subsequently found a mediocre career in modelling which thankfully segued into a fairly successful twenty year (to date) career in TV presenting. His cherished accomplishments: He was crowned Welsh Rear Of The year in 2002. His suitcase has come out first at the airport on no less than two occasions, and now, he has written Call Time. Which he very much hopes you will enjoy.