This week’s Kindle Countdown deal (99pUK/99cUS) is Northman Part 1

This week’s Kindle countdown deal is Northman Part 1, Book 3 in the Earls of Mercia series, but with a handy ‘the story so far’ at the beginning for those keen to jump right in at this point (If you’ve read the Elfrida books you’ll be at about the same moment ‘in time’ anyway.)

(also available to read with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription)

Here’s the blurb:

Northman, the eldest son of Ealdorman Leofwine, fostered, at the King’s insistence, by Eadric of Mercia, finds himself caught between loyalty to his father and his foster father.

Fighting for his own sense of self, whilst Viking Raiders vie for the English King’s land, he must choose his own path, and hold true to his own belief’s amongst murky Court politics and bitter pitched battles.

Leofwine, Ealdorman of the Hwicce, must accept his King’s wishes with regards to his eldest son, even though he finds them abhorrent. Simultaneously he must continue to act in the best interests of his king as the English people face their direst threat yet, the raiding of Thorkell the Tall, the king of Denmark’s own Commander, trusted friend and foster-father of his son, Cnut.

And when events become even direr, will father and son act as one, or will they be torn apart by the machinations of the man who plots to undermine every action the king takes, Ealdorman Eadric?

Northman Part 1 is where readers of The First Queen of England, and The King’s Mother trilogies should pick up the story of Saxon England.

I wrote this book quite a few years ago, and I was only reminded yesterday that it’s dedicated to my cousin and his wife on their wedding – so Happy Anniversary to them:)

Author: M J Porter, author

I'm a writer of historical fiction (Early England/Viking and the British Isles as a whole before 1066, as well as two 20th century mysteries).

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