Volunteer opportunities at Bradford Kaims

I’ve not volunteered here before, but I have at another site. It is huge fun!! Give it a try.

Bamburgh Research Project's Blog

The Bradford Kaims excavation team, part of the the Bamburgh Research Project, are keen to involve the local community and wider Northumberland in our excavation work. We are opening the site to volunteers on Wednesdays and Sundays for the next 6 weeks.

Excavation at the Bradford Kaims Excavation at the Bradford Kaims

Sun 21st June , Wednesday 24th June are the first two dates and then every Wednesday and Sunday, until Sunday 26th July which will be be our final community day for the season.

Access to the site is limited, as it’s a working farm. The site is located approx 15 min walk from parking. Our facilities are limited to chemical toilets and cold water. It’s basic, but a lot of fun. And the archaeology is excellent. Peat, flint, Neolithic pottery, wetland wood and prehistoric general goodness. What’s not to like!

Volunteers can come for a whole day, or half day, but numbers are…

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