An exciting start to the 2015 Bamburgh Castle excavation

Bamburgh Research Project's Blog

The season has just begun, in bright sunshine, and already the teams working in Trench 1 and Trench 3 have found a variety of interesting finds relating to the daily lives of the castle’s occupants.

This year’s excavation team includes staff and volunteers with a range of interests and backgrounds.

Matthew Fisher, a sixth form student from Northumberland, has been finding animal bones, which help to reveal the diet and status of the castle’s early medieval occupants, as well as evidence of metal working.

Sam Serrano Ferraro, originally from Italy but now studying with the University of Edinburgh, found a small button which had been hand crafted from sea shell with four small four holes for stitching it onto clothing.

Harry Francis, who is studying archaeology at the University of Leicester, found one of the more enigmatic pieces; it’s a small segment of a glass bracelet which dates to the…

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I'm a writer of historical fiction (Early England/Viking and the British Isles as a whole before 1066, as well as two 20th century mysteries).

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